Monday, 18 July 2011

Wanita di Malaysia no 14 dunia stress? Biar btul...

Malaysian women 16th most stressed

NEW YORK: Malaysian women rank as the 16th most stressed 
women in the world, according to a recent study.Indian women 
rank as the world’s most stressed women, says the study, 
prepared by the information and media company, Nielsen.The 
study shows that women in India live and work under considerable 
time pressure.

Indian women are the most stressed (87%), the study shows, 
closely followed by Mexican (74%) and Russian women (69%). 
In the developed countries, the stress level is the highest for women 
in Spain (66%), France (65%) and Italy (64%). 

Malaysian women (44%) rank 16th in the list while women in 
Thailand (45%) share the 15th spot with South Korea (45%).
Japanese women (52%) rank 12th while mainland Chinese 
women (51%) rank 13th.

The study, which researched the buying and other social 
behavioural patterns of women in 21 developing and emerging 
economies of the world, reveals that women all over the world 
feel stressed out, with women in the so-called emerging 
countries facing greater stress than women in the developed 

According to India’s Economic Times, the greater stress levels 
of women in the newly industrialised countries can be attributed 
to the fact that in recent years, for example, in India, the 
corporate sector and the jobs have developed at an extremely 
fast pace whereas the society has stagnated with its traditional 
role patterns.

Apa lagi kaum wanita di luar sana..jom kita sama2 berniaga..
Bila berniaga dgn diiringi ilmu, mentor dan sistem dgn niat yg
betul lagi la kita berjaya & x stress lg..insyaAllah...

Nak tau mcmana, call sms saya...012-2200979

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